Keeping you Connected

Bronshae monitors enterprise operations, servers, applications, and network infrastructure with a micro service architecture. Deploy it in the enterprise or on the cloud to maintain your dev ops, web sites, databases, and applications.

Monitor servers, applications, and operations

Know about system problems before your customers. Discover inoperable applications or increased server load due to a newly pushed update. Analyze your operations to gain insight on utilization, capacity, and trending. Trending of Load Average and Cpu Usage

Receive notifications to keep you connected

Bronshae sends notifications 24/7 when an application or an operation is outside of the specified threshold. Know when the problem started and when it was resolved. Stay engaged with the IT infrastructure even when away from the office. iPhone email with Bronshae notifications

Create custom reports

Customize reports based upon host, collected data, and time. Discover customer peak hours and average operational response times by hour, week, or month. Generate reports showing operational availability and problem frequency type on a monthly basis. Export to a CSV (comma separated values) format for further analysis. Example report of website response

Product Features

Bronshae provides a highly available monitoring service due to the distributed micro service architecture. Rather than using a hub and spoke architecture, Bronshae uses redundant services like the Monitor Service, SNMP Service, Data Orchestration Service, and a File System Service. The collected data is stored in a data warehouse for advanced reporting.
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One of the challenges with several monitoring solutions is in the area of reporting. Reporting functionality doesn't exist or it is difficult to create customized reports. Bronshae addresses this p...

Easy Deployment

The vast majority of monitoring solutions are difficult to install and configure. Technologies like Chef, Puppet, and Docker help with automating the installations, but a monitoring solution needs t...

Service Filesystem

One of the difficulties with a lot of monitoring products is that it is hard to write scripts based upon monitored data. Most products have a web front end and even fewer products have a command lin...

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