Monitoring Internet Connectivity

Sometimes it is necessary to monitor an internet connection for connectivity problems. Bronshae can accomplish this by using the HTTP or Clock Status Object.

The Clock Status Object is the easiest way to monitor internet connectivity because it does not require any configuration. The Clock Status Object compares the operating system's time with known internet time servers. If the connection fails, a notification will be generated. In some virtual environments, it is important that the clocks are synchronized to prevent clustering errors. The screenshot below depicts the results from querying the Clock Status Object.

If there is a need to monitor a particular website, then the HTTP Status Object can be used. Add the HTTP Status Object to a Bronshae Monitor Service and then configure it with the the URL to monitor.

The HTTP Status Object uses an HTTP HEAD request to check the availability of the site and the internet connectivity. The other settings include a username, password, and timeout for the website response. If the website uses HTTPS and a self-signed certificate, the app.Http.accept.cert setting can be set to true.

By using the Bronshae Clock or HTTP Status Object, you can find out about connectivity problems before your clients or customers.